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Finding affordable health insurance is easier than you think.

Are you looking for private health insurance that covers both preventive care and larger medical expenses?

A full coverage non-ACA PPO health insurance plan allows individuals and families to tailor their health insurance by combining different types of benefits into one plan. A Southern Plains Insurance Group health insurance broker will do the research to help you get the best rates and coverage.

Note: Based on location and underwriting requirements, plans may not be available to everyone.

Work with a Trusted Health Insurance Broker

Count on Southern Plains Insurance Group to make it easy to find affordable full coverage health insurance. We handle the research so you can save time and hassle. As a health insurance broker, we’re able to quickly gather rates for you from multiple carriers. We’ll shop the major insurance companies so you don’t have to. Then, one of our licensed health insurance agents will go over your quotes to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Combined Coverage Open Network
PPO Health Insurance Plan

This is a good option for anyone looking for combined coverage for accidents, injuries, maternity, doctor care, hospital visits, surgeries and catastrophic illnesses.

If your income is above the limits for an ACA health plan, this may be a good fit.

Plan Features

  • Private PPO health insurance
  • Open access network
  • No primary care physician required
  • No Deductible

Want to make sure this is the best plan for you? We’re here to help.


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If full coverage sounds like the health insurance plan for you, request your free personalized quote online or by calling 888-973-8933. 

Want to explore other options? Southern Plains Insurance Group can also help you find affordable doctor care insurance, catastrophic insurance or ACA Marketplace insurance.


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