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Searching for Affordable Health Insurance?

Southern Plains Insurance Group Does the Work For You

Let’s face it: shopping for health insurance on your own is a hassle.

There’s the hours spent online researching insurance companies and requesting multiple quotes. Then the frustration of sifting through all of your options to choose the best plan. And if you have questions, it’s difficult to know where to turn.

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Southern Plains Insurance Group is an insurance broker for private PPO health insurance, group health plans, Medicare supplemental plans and other supplemental health insurance.

We make it easy for businesses, individuals and families to find private or group health insurance plans with great coverage and affordable rates – without spending hours doing research.

How Can A Health Insurance Broker Help You?

Easy Access to the Information You Need

Working with an independent health insurance agency gives you one-stop access to policies from multiple carriers. Our experienced, licensed health insurance agents shop around to find affordable options with the coverage you need.

We don’t tell you which plan to choose. Instead, we gather the information you need and then explain how each option will impact your total out-of-pocket costs and which providers you can use. Then, you can make an informed decision about your health insurance without spending hours doing tedious research.


Individuals & Families

A health insurance broker evaluates the total costs and coverage of private health insurance and ACA marketplace policies. We’ll discuss things like how often you go to the doctor, whether you have medical conditions that require ongoing treatment, and any prescription drugs you take regularly.


If you’re getting ready to draw Medicare, you may have more options than you realize. But Medicare choices can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know who to trust. We clearly explain how the different plans and supplements work together so you understand your total out-of-pocket costs.

Business Owners

A health insurance broker is an expert guide who can make setting up a group health plan easy. All the legwork of shopping and comparing plans is done for you. You have a trusted partner who vets each carrier. And Southern Plains Insurance Group does it with a two-week processing time.

Health Insurance Plans for Everyone
Explore Your Options

Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Plans

For businesses. Find the best health insurance price and coverage for you & your employees. We’ll do the research for you.

Full Coverage Health Insurance Plans

Full Coverage Health Insurance

For individuals & families. Complete coverage for preventive doctor visits, emergency care and more.

Family Doctor Insurance

Doctor Care Insurance

For individuals & families. Coverage for basic expenses like office visits & diagnostic services like labs & X-rays.

ACA Health Insurance Plans

ACA Marketplace Insurance

For individuals & families. Qualified Health Plans providing comprehensive major medical coverage. We answer all your questions.

Medicare Advantage Plans Benefits

Medicare Advantage

For seniors. May include additional benefits for prescriptions, vision, dental & more.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medigap Plans (Supplement)

For seniors. Helps reduce out-of-pocket costs for expenses like copays & deductibles.

Medicare Part D Health Insurance Plans

Medicare Part D (Prescriptions)

For seniors. Provides additional prescription drug coverage. Can be used with Medicare.

Supplemental Vision Insurance Plans

Dental & Vision Insurance

For anyone. Coverage for dental and vision exams plus some preventive services.

Accident Insurance Plans

Accident Insurance

For anyone. Receive cash paid directly to you to help with medical bills and other expenses after an accident.

Home Health Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

For anyone. Coverage for a variety of home health services not covered by Medicare or health insurance.

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